Who makes good acoustic electric guitars?

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of guitars available – acoustic and electric. Acoustic guitars use string vibrations and the soundboard (the ‘main body’ of the guitar so to speak) to produce sound while electric guitars rely on the connection to the external amplifier. Acoustic guitars are recommended for beginners and for people who want a guitar just to be able to strum the melody on for songwriting purposes. Electric ones, however, are most often used by musicians who perform live and who want to be able to achieve loud and heavily distorted sounds.

An acoustic electric guitar can be said to be a combination of both types. To be exact, it’s an acoustic guitar that is equipped with built-in electronics so that you can amplify the sound just like with an electric guitar. So they act exactly like an acoustic guitar when not plugged in and whenever you want to produce a louder sound you just connect it to the amplifier. An acoustic electric guitar lets you play melodies that have both a clear and loud sound while keeping that authentic guitar feel.

They are a good choice for bands that do not necessarily play exclusively heavy rock music and are looking for instruments that produce a softer sound. Of course, you can use a regular acoustic guitar at a live show but the only way to amplify the sound is to put a microphone in front of it. Many songwriters also use them to be able to record their songs directly onto the computer.


Epiphone is a renowned guitar makes and they have been in the business for almost 150 years. Their guitars are known for their sound quality while still being affordable so they are often recommended to beginners. They make both acoustic and electric guitars, and of course, acoustic electric ones as well.

There are many Epiphone acoustic electric guitars but one of their most widely lauded models is PR5-E. It was first designed in 1990 but is still being produced, in its various remastered versions, to this day. The guitar is slim and lightweight so even beginners who aren’t used to holding the instrument will be able to handle it easily. The size is also beneficial for professional players who spend a lot of time playing continuously.

The sound is also amazing, said to be comparable to the most expensive guitar brands in existence, such as Taylor or Martin. Even without any amplification, the sound carries over well through the air so if you can easily play unplugged music for smaller crowds.

The PR5-E comes with some great electronic components too. The pickup in the guitar can pick up the slightest vibrations sound great when amplified. Some acoustic electric guitars can lose their ‘acoustic’ feel with amplifications but that’s definitely not the case with this one. The tuner is built-in so you don’t have to purchase a separate one. It’s easy to use and even has a LED display to help you navigate the setting when playing at dark locations.

The Epiphone acoustic electric PR5-E has a lot to offer for both beginners and experts alike. And the best part is it only costs around $300.