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The Toughest Footrace in Africa

{ Posted on Feb 22 2009 by Bill Zimmerman }
Yesterday the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope was held here in Buea, an event braved by runners every February fourteen times since 1973. This was the third race I’ve witnessed since living in Cameroon. The mountain race is ...Read More »

Journey to Work

{ Posted on Nov 26 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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This post was inspired by Steve Jackson's "Journey to Work" Flickr video that he posted last week. He encouraged others to participate, so this is my contribution. The place I call home, Buea, is a scenic mountain town sandwiched between Mt. ...Read More »

My Kind of Town

{ Posted on Jan 31 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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After seven weeks of leave, I’m now counting the hours before I board a plane which will take me back to Cameroon. My bags are packed and ready. Don’t get me wrong—I love my hometown of Seattle and ...Read More »

Mt. Cameroon Summit Video

{ Posted on Nov 21 2007 by Bill Zimmerman }
I got lucky and was able to upload this short video to YouTube, a first for this blog. The wind was blowing so hard at the summit that you can't really hear what either of us are saying. You ...Read More »