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The Toughest Footrace in Africa

{ Posted on Feb 22 2009 by Bill Zimmerman }
Yesterday the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope was held here in Buea, an event braved by runners every February fourteen times since 1973. This was the third race I’ve witnessed since living in Cameroon. The mountain race is ...Read More »

Catching Up With Roland

{ Posted on Oct 28 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
On Saturday I went down to Batoké to chat with Roland Boula about the events that had transpired over the last 72 hours. We sat and discussed in the shade while my roomies, Brian and our Cameroonian pals hit ...Read More »

Colin MacNeill’s Amazing Ride

{ Posted on Oct 31 2007 by Bill Zimmerman }
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Last week I received a text message from a friend in Mamfé that an Irishman cycling through Africa was on his way to Buea. They indicated that he might arrive tomorrow. I made a mental note of this and dusted-off ...Read More »