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It’s Always Sunny in Reykjavik (or) How I NSA-Proofed my Email

{ Posted on Oct 17 2013 by Bill Zimmerman }
Revelations about the NSA’s mass internet surveillance has spurred interest in existing privacy tools and driven developers to build of a slew of new tools and services aimed at providing end-to-end encryption to users. With every major U.S.-based service provider ...Read More »

Cameroon Rallies for Android Developer Challenge

{ Posted on May 17 2011 by Bill Zimmerman }
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May 14th marked the first official Google Android Developer Challenge Sub-Saharan Africa event in Cameroon. The week prior, a Google delegation arrived in Douala to plan next month's inaugural G-Cameroon event, discuss the latest happenings at ActivSpaces and rub elbows ...Read More »

Twitter-MTN Partnership & Innovation in Cameroon

{ Posted on Dec 07 2010 by Bill Zimmerman }
Twitter and MTN Cameroon have announced a partnership that enables MTN subscribers in Cameroon to send and receive tweets from their mobile phones using SMS. Users access the service by texting "START" to 8711 on MTN's network. Standard messaging rates ...Read More »

Gearing Up For An Offline Application

{ Posted on Jan 14 2009 by Bill Zimmerman }
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We’re in the early stages of building a web application with a big requirement: the ability to work seamlessly in an offline and online mode. The Internet and cloud computing are great, but you can’t always be plugged ...Read More »

Crowdsource Mapping Cameroon

{ Posted on Oct 08 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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First, a confession: ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with maps, mapmaking, route finding, terrain, satellite imagery—you name it. Once, for a middle school science project, I painstakingly traced the elevations of a contour map I ...Read More »