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Remote Controlled Toy ATV

{ Posted on Jan 18 2011 by Bill Zimmerman }
Miniature versions of vehicles are as popular with kids in Cameroon as anywhere else. Adult craftsmen across the continent use materials such as wire, beads and recycled cans to create toy bicycles, trucks and airplanes—many of which transcend the level ...Read More »

‘Bamboo Magic’ Mobile Phone & Laptop Case

{ Posted on Dec 17 2009 by Bill Zimmerman }
I had an opportunity to stop by the 2009 South West Regional Agro-Pastoral Show, an annual exhibition for local farmers and craftsmen, here in Limbe this afternoon. The event was held on a community field ringed by exhibition booths overflowing ...Read More »

Top Twenty Tools for 2008

{ Posted on Jan 09 2009 by Bill Zimmerman }
This began as a post specifically about TiddlyWiki, but seeing as many bloggers do retrospective “year in review” posts around this time, I thought I’d chip in my own. I may yet reprise the TiddlyWiki how-to I started around ...Read More »

Cameroon “Gets” Renewable Energy

{ Posted on Nov 17 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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This is a follow-up photo post to my previous entry How to Light An African Village. I’m enthusiastic about the innovations my housemates from Green Step observed in their recent foray into the village, so I wanted to highlight ...Read More »

How to Light An African Village

{ Posted on Nov 15 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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My housemates Connie and Johannes of Greenstep are getting involved in some very cool project work these days. After spending most days behind a computer, I find myself a bit envious of their trips to the remote village of ...Read More »