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Returning to One’s Roots

{ Posted on Nov 17 2010 by Bill Zimmerman }
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Last month we soft launched ActivSpaces, a new open collaboration space, innovation hub and startup incubator in Cameroon. The comparison to Limbe Labs, an entity I co-founded last year, should immediately be apparent. It's essentially the same model transplanted to ...Read More »

Can An African Tech Entrepreneur Change the World?

{ Posted on May 15 2010 by Bill Zimmerman }
I wrapped up a month of travel last week, including a visit to Washington DC to attend Africa Gathering, a conference highlighting innovation and entrepreneurship focused on the continent, to share my experience of operating a startup incubator in Cameroon. ...Read More »

A Man, A Plan, A Cyber Café

{ Posted on Feb 02 2009 by Bill Zimmerman }
Sometimes, it’s the small successes that make everything worthwhile. This isn’t a story about a Gates Foundation grant, a fabulous new software project, African tech startup, or a microfinance program designed to serve the needs of thousands. Rather, ...Read More »