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Prototyping the Future on Elephantine Island

{ Posted on Apr 09 2014 by Bill Zimmerman }
Recently, friend and fellow co-conspirator Jay Cousins proposed a unique opportunity; join a diverse group of makers on an island in Upper Egypt to prototype a unique vision for something one might call “Society 2.0”. To provide some context, Jay ...Read More »

South African Brothers Embark on a Raspberry Pi Safari

{ Posted on Jun 21 2013 by Bill Zimmerman }
Two brothers, Frederik and Ernest Lotter, are on the eve of departing on an epic journey — driving from the UK through Europe, Russia, the Middle East and East Africa to their home country of South Africa. In total, the ...Read More »

First SolarKiosk Opened in Ethiopia

{ Posted on Aug 02 2012 by Bill Zimmerman }
SolarKiosk, a modular business unit for Africa and off-grid areas anywhere in the world, recently opened its first kiosk near Lake Langano, Ethiopia. Following a period of design and planning, a privately financed company was formed to prepare the product ...Read More »

Music for Saharan Cellphones

{ Posted on Oct 12 2011 by Bill Zimmerman }
The compilation album “Music for Saharan Cellphones” is an incredible collection of tracks scraped (and later remixed) from the memory cards of mobile phones in Ivory Coast, Mali, Algeria and Niger. In much of West Africa, cellphones are used as ...Read More »

Cameroon Rallies for Android Developer Challenge

{ Posted on May 17 2011 by Bill Zimmerman }
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May 14th marked the first official Google Android Developer Challenge Sub-Saharan Africa event in Cameroon. The week prior, a Google delegation arrived in Douala to plan next month's inaugural G-Cameroon event, discuss the latest happenings at ActivSpaces and rub elbows ...Read More »