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Meanwhile, In East Africa…

{ Posted on Oct 03 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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I’ve blogged on several occasions the human-powered, trans-continental journey of Colin MacNeill—the wandering Irishman who woke up one day in London, decided quit his job at the Guinness brewery and pedal a bicycle across Europe and Africa. Colin's been ...Read More »

A Web Designer in the Making

{ Posted on Jun 09 2007 by Bill Zimmerman }
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Since the day I gave him a complimentary student card for the TRC, my 18-year-old neighbor Simon has been a near-constant fixture in the computer lab. He would often open the Centre with me first thing in the morning and ...Read More »

Human Terms

{ Posted on Mar 01 2007 by Bill Zimmerman }
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In the not-too-distant past, much of my profession centered around the design, cultivation, analysis and manipulation of that most precious of commodities in the Information Age: data. Raw data, the precursor to useful information, informs and fuels the decisions ...Read More »