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Announcing Open VC4A Venture Data

{ Posted on Sep 23 2015 by Bill Zimmerman }
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VC4A is often thought of as a startup finance platform, but at our core we're really an organization that's using technology to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential. When you think of VC4A the first thing that comes to mind ...Read More »

Prototyping the Future on Elephantine Island

{ Posted on Apr 09 2014 by Bill Zimmerman }
Recently, friend and fellow co-conspirator Jay Cousins proposed a unique opportunity; join a diverse group of makers on an island in Upper Egypt to prototype a unique vision for something one might call “Society 2.0”. To provide some context, Jay ...Read More »

It’s Always Sunny in Reykjavik (or) How I NSA-Proofed my Email

{ Posted on Oct 17 2013 by Bill Zimmerman }
Revelations about the NSA’s mass internet surveillance has spurred interest in existing privacy tools and driven developers to build of a slew of new tools and services aimed at providing end-to-end encryption to users. With every major U.S.-based service provider ...Read More »

South African Brothers Embark on a Raspberry Pi Safari

{ Posted on Jun 21 2013 by Bill Zimmerman }
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Two brothers, Frederik and Ernest Lotter, are on the eve of departing on an epic journey — driving from the UK through Europe, Russia, the Middle East and East Africa to their home country of South Africa. In total, the ...Read More »

A Visit to the Future Home of icecairo

{ Posted on Nov 25 2012 by Bill Zimmerman }
ice (short for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship) is a growing network of physical workplaces where people can come together to share what they can do to solve problems themselves, in a way that has a positive—or at least neutral—impact on ...Read More »