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{ Posted on Jan 31 2008 by Bill Zimmerman }
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After seven weeks of leave, I’m now counting the hours before I board a plane which will take me back to Cameroon. My bags are packed and ready. Don’t get me wrong—I love my hometown of Seattle and it’s been great to have the opportunity to catch up with friends, visit old hangouts, indulge in foods I’ve missed and so on. But I find myself missing my “other” hometown of Buea more with each passing day. I’ve stayed in touch with Cameroonian friends and coworkers by email, heard all the local news and gossip and can only reply “soon” when asked about my return date.

With a surplus of time and broadband, I ended up crawling YouTube for snippets of Cameroon, which is where I stumbled upon this professionally edited, tastefully scored clip:

The videographer has done a remarkable job of capturing Buea, with an emphasis on the market in Buea Town. It opens with some nice aerial shots followed by a trip up the main road past dozens of places I recognize. I was able to identify my butcher’s stand in Clerk’s Quarters, the Tolé tea fields and landmarks around Molyko and elsewhere. If you listen closely during breaks in the soundtrack you may hear some Pidgin English spoken. Perhaps best of all are the many typically mundane scenes of things like mamas selling their wares in the market, piles of cocoyams, okra, bundles of bitter leaf, plantains, palm oil and dried fish—things that I’d grown accustomed to seeing every day which are of course totally absent here.

I can say with pride that this is my town.

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  1. agvelarde says:

    can’t wait to have you back brother. I’m sure your community misses you.

  2. Dibussi says:

    The clip was put together by Dorst Media, the US-based multimedia firm which created the award winning documentary on the Mount Cameroon race titled “Volcanic Sprint” which is now available on DVD – See